30 Day Soul Food Diet and
Workout Plan

This plan is designed to promote better health, spirituality and lifestyle change through exercise and wiser food/nutrition choices to assist in healthy weight loss, managing diabetes, lowering blood pressure and reducing "bad" cholesterol levels; thus reducing the risk  stroke, heart disease and all other related illnesses.

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Self Testimonial

By combining a solid nutrition plan with a workout regimen, the weight began to melt away, instantly! My energy levels increased dramatically! I went from a Size 50XL suit down to a Size 44XL/42XL. That is about a 6-8 inch differential in the waist, that’s major! That would be the equivalent of a female going from a Size 14-16 to a Size 6-8! But more importantly, my blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure levels all began to normalize…WITHOUT ANY MEDS!

            Real "BIG G"               This was a custom made suit...                really, it was!                           How ya like me now!
          ...around 278lbs                                                                                                                                   ...218lbs, 10 to go! 

                                                               TIME TO GET UP, GET READY
                                                                              LET'S GO!!!
                                30 Day Soul Food Diet and Workout Plan

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